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a series of fightings, a half dozen arrests and a man shot. that es how police are summing up a wild night as a fraternity party gets out of hand and violent. we want to show you some video sent to us from a student who shows the bit of the chaos down the street from the theater. that is where police say a fraternity party for homecoming kept their officers busy for hours. they were approached by an man who had been shot in the hand. >> snow one heard any shots.
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there were no reports of shots being fired, but this victim was injured. he was transported to a local hospital where he is being treated and currently undergoing surgery. >> the victim is being treated at sinai. the police have not released his name. many of the people invited to the party were not from the area or tied to the university. six people were arrested, three for secondary assault, two for con dick and one for drug possession. one person was shot this afternoon on pennsylvania avenue. a baltimore county officer is under investigation after a shot and killed a man near seaside road. police say officers were called out for a report of a suspicious person. he went for the officer's gun
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and then another officer shot him on the scene. he went off the road hitting a group of trees and was thrown from the truck. a passenger inside was able to get out, but collapsed near the scene and died. police are not yet releasing the identity the name of the victims. speed was a factor for the crash. torii smooth was at the hotel when he got a call telling him his young ger brother was killed in a crash. he tweeted this picture. the 19-year-old died around midnight after the motorcycle ran off the road and hit a telephone pole. jones was wearing a helmet and alcohol was not a factor. torye smith was spotted rming
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up. he said he wants to play, but it is the h's decision. raven's coach called jones' death devastatingly sad, sad news. well a chilly afternoon across many locations. here is sunshine and clouds today. a struggle to get to 70 in many locations this afternoon with most readings into the upper 60s. 66 downtown. dc at 67. these temperatures will continue to fall during the course of the evening. low 30s for tonight. we have a big game tonight at the stadium. 64 degrees. clear skies. not mild, but cooling down. we'll be into the 50s as we end the overnight hours. hour by hour overcast going to
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49. he survived a shooting on the first day of school and now he is out of the hospital. he greeted people to show up for a special fund-raiser in his honor. cheryl connor was there as an end of summer party got a chance to do something good for this tough young man. >> reporter: out on the pier fitted with a life jacket, he goes with his parents and siblings. this is far from the doctors where he spent two weeks recovering from a gunshot at perry haul high on the first day of school. we got to follow his boat on a ride he has never had before. it takes about ten minutes to get to the island where he waves to the boaters who are here for him. >> he was smiling and really loved it when she got wet. >> reporter: it was planned for this day, but they turned it
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into a fund-raiser saying the family's hospital bills could be 100,000-dollar or more plus the in home care and rehabilitation. >> yes. cared for twice a day and he is not fond of it, but for the most part he came home and was almost like the same boy that left. >> now daniel is anchored down and relaxing on a house boat as his favorite artist, lady gaga is played. >> when i saw those boats out there, i thought wow, this is what it is about. people giving, people caring. >> a big thumb's up for how long daniel has come, now he is the captain with day one of the school year behind him. >> this support for daniel has been incredible and i could never say the words i need to say to express my thanks for that. >> cheryl connor, abc2news. that was awesome. good for you daniel.
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>> there is no date when he will return to school, but his mom said he will be ready to soon. amanda takes a flying leap into the tiger cage but he doesn't have a death wish. why he made the jump. >> the red carpet has been rolled out. it is all over but the crying and the applauds. we'll take you for a preview soft emmys tonight.
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the story about the guy who jumped into the tiger enclosure at the bronx zoo is only getting more weird. he says he wanted to "be one with the tiger. it shocked everyone, an unthinkable jump 17 feet down into the tiger pen no it was not a suicide
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attempt. he did it on purpose so he could be one with a 400-pound male siberian tiger, much like this one, the largest big cat in the word able to kill a man in seconds. >> strange things can sometimes happen. >> the new details are startling. he told police he landed on all fours like a cat. on his facebook page a siberian tiger like the one crushing his ankle and biting his body. >> he has some fascination with tigers. it is on his facebook page. >> indeed a former classmate informed of his odd behavior. >> recently i saw some stuff he wrote on facebook and it seemed strange. >> he faced most of the serious injuries from the fall rather than the tiger. he collapse the a lung on
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impact. he did succeed in be coming one with the die ger but zoo officials say the tiger didn't want him dead or he would have been. >> hehe used a fire extinguisher. they told him to rollover the electrified fence and role under the fence up. >> he also told police "everyone in life makes choices. this choice nearly killed him." >> now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's take you here. amend of sunshine and clouds for most of the air noon and temperatures struggling to get to 70 for daytime highs. we'll see these fall back rapidly into the 40s and 50s for tonight. here is the shot downtown as the sun sets. we sit at 66 degrees.
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that what is bringing in the cool air over canada at this hour. 64 in frederick. these are numbers that will be rapidly down into the 40s for tonight. there is the wind at 5 to 10. here is your hour-by-hour forecast. 62 around the 8:00 hour. a chilly 54. again that will be a daytime high that is achieved probably just in the city limits. outlying areas in the 60s for most of the if the noon. more clouds back out to the west. a blend of clouds and powerhouse storm over hudson bay at this hour. that is funneling in this cold air. as this starts to retreat, we'll get into warmer air by the midweek. several states involved with frost. down across west virginia. frost advisories for temperatures into the 30s tonight.
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look at the temperatures. it was a real struggle to get to if 0 in chicago. we'll see temperatures into the 40s over the northern tier of the nation. we'll get into the 40s also but milder air over the rockies that will come into play by the middle of the week. high pressure into control tomorrow. eventually this cool air lifts up to the canadian maritimes. maybe a spot shower by wednesday and into thursday. not torrential downpours but spotty showers in the mix. 11:00 temperatures, 50s. for most of the 95 corridor, we're all dropping back down into the 40s, a few upper 30s. then with some sunshine tomorrow, well in effect the sunshine will be into the 60s, back into the 40s by tomorrow night. there is the forecast for the overnight hours, 46 degrees in town. lower 40s north and west of
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town. clear, crisp and cool. tomorrow afternoon, 71 with lots of sunshine and cool temperatures. here is your seven-day forecast. 70s will rule through much of the beginning of the week. 71 monday. tuesday, 74. o's are back in town. then a spot shower for wednesday. thursday night game, into the 50s up. daytime highs into the 70sn't maybe a spot shower on friday. all in all, no washouts over the next seven days. and they are off. there are bike races, 5ks but the people involved in this fund-raiser took the plunge for a good cause. 330 swimmers hit the water early this morning to raise money for the comprehensive cancer center. they are from swim across
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america. among the crowd of swimmers our very own chief meteorologist. >> to me i call it a cancer that is our common enemies. it is something we all have in common, that common enemy so anything i can do to help out or promote this event, i am going to do it. >> it is about who is raising the most money and all getting together for this good cause. now in addition to the challenge, about 200 people also swam doing laps to raise money to fight cancer. the red carpet is out. the nokia theater is set and the stars are going to find out if they will bring home an emmy tonight. here is a preview in hollywood. >> reporter: it is television's biggest night, the 64th annual prime time emmy award and this could be a historic night for mad men. >> the series if it wins again
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it will set a record for the most emmys awarded in that category. they lead with 17 nominations tied with american horror store roy ch the miniseries hat field and mccoys received 16. breaking bad and modern family receiving 14. >> all the adults from modern family are also nominated for their rolls. and this year's emmy red carp pet is red hot. tv's brightest stars are sharing them with stand doubts. they are both nominated for the miniseries hem ming way. >> and don't forget tonight's host. >> i have been up very late working on the stuff. >> while jimmy kimmel says he has been under a lot of
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pressure, he is going to have laughs. >> i like to bring other people into the mix and make sure they are funny. >> and there will be plenty of laughs during the ceremony with tina fey, amy poehler and ricky gervais. watch all of that starting tonight at 7:00 right here on abc 2. we'll be right back.
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last look at the forecast. the rest of the evening, a mix of clouds and down to 40s for tonight. let you know about the seven- day forecast. >> it is all coming up after the emmys. >> we'll dee you we'll see see see you at 11:00. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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welcome to maryland's spotlight. there is a new law in town and it will affect you if you are a senior citizen. i wanted to get more information on that. kevin is joining me. thanks for being here today. >> thanks kim. >> this is a big deal. this new law that is coming out in october. >> october 1, banks, credit unions, savings and loans will be required to report instances where they believe could constitute financial exploitation of the elderly. kind of putting that in common
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language if they think son is coming into the bank with mom to get money out of the mom, they have to either call the police or adult protective services. >> this is a big deal and a fine line on how do you know if somebody is doing this? do you have to train the tellers to see that? >> that is in the new laws as well. these institution are burdened with training their staff with possible signs of abuse. they look for things is mom suddenly using her atm everyday when for ten years she never uses it or is she suddenly cashing in cds when she used to role them over? this would be one bell to ring. >> now is this just in maryland? >> 20 other states have enacted similar legislation, so we can't say this will never work. it is apparently working in other states. >> how often do you think this
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happens, family members are exploiting their own family members? >> maryland documented a thousand cases over the last year, at least reported so it is pretty prevalent and they want to put an end to it. >> now, are there any fines involved? how does this whole thing work? >> yes, the banks, if they fail to report something, they are subject to a $5,000 fine for each case they don't report. they have to report it within 24 hours of the incident and then they have to follow-up in writing within 3 days. >> now, let me ask you. you're an elder law attorney so you have a lot of clients. how does this impact your clients? >> this is the real issue. we see clients who say can i give my money to my children to protect it or the children say is there a way mom can protect her money from a nursing home? this is giving away an
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elderly's money. this could be exploitation when maybe it is not at also as an attorney we have to be careful what we're sending the family out to do. we don't want to send then to jail. >> what do eye do? >> there is one really good solution and it has been the best solution. power of attorney. a document that legally enables a child to deal with mom's finances, take the money. it is in the power of attorney. if mom signs that when she knows what she is doing, an attorney is backing it up that helped write it, i think that will be fine. >> isist going to be every case or do you know what to look for as a teller? >> how do you know? every time a person comes in with a family member, they are pushing the button calling the authorities? >> how well does your bank know you and the days of the little
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local friendly bank are kind of slipping away but there are still the credit unions and so forth so getting to know the manager and the people in the bank can only help. it could hurt too, it could hurt the son who is unemployed been living off of mom, has a drug habit. that is going to be the red button being pushed. >> if anyone wants information to contact you to see how they can talk about the power of attorney, do you have a website? >> yes. they can look up pk law@pk >> very good. so important to definitely get to know your bank, your local bank this will be affecting all banks anniversary save ks and loans credit unions in a matter of days. >> very interesting. new law starting october 1st. >> thank you for joining me. >> thank you for joining me on
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maryland's spotlight.
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